[Itching at the pubic hair]_Cause_What’s going on_Why

[Itching at the pubic hair]_Cause_What’s going on_Why

Although the young people are more open-minded, there are still many shortcomings in the care of private parts. Therefore, when itching occurs in the pubic hair, many people will choose to deal with it privately, or go to some small clinics that are not far away.Buying some medicines for treatment, in fact, I don’t know why I have itching everywhere in the pubic hair, and blindly treating them cannot solve the problem.

So why does itchy pubic hair appear?

There are many reasons. In addition to excluding the correction of free radicals, mycoplasma, and genitalium, the following reasons may still be: 1. Local skin is not clean: Some women use improper methods of toilet paper, the menopause skin receives menstrual blood, and vaginal dischargeEven the implantation of urine, feces and sweat causes chronic inflammation of the local skin, which causes itching of the vulva.

2. Trichomonas vaginalis infection: When the acidity of the vaginal mucosa of a woman is reduced, the production of lactic acid is reduced, and trichomonas vaginalis infection is prone to occur. It is manifested by foamy leucorrhea and itching of the vulva.

3, mold infection: women with diabetes or long-term application of antibiotics caused by normal flora imbalance, candida albicans in the mold easily invades the vulva and vagina, fungal vulva and vaginitis occur, often appear scum-like leucorrhea and vulvar ulceration.

4, parasitic infection: Ascaris mainly invades young girls, and adult women can also be infected. When the anus relaxes at night, ascaris crawls out of the rectum and swims to the vulva to mate and lay eggs, and stimulates the skin and mucous membranes of the vulva, causing local itching.

When scabies are caused by a worm infection, the external skin lesions are the most serious, so local itching is also the most obvious.

Pubic lice appear to be itchy retinal on long pubic hair, and gray-white millet grains or lice can be found on the roots or shafts of pubic hair.

5. Drug eruption: “Fixed drug eruption” caused by ingestion of sulfa or other drugs in women with allergies, often occurs at the junction of the genital skin and mucous membranes. In addition to local itching, it can be accompanied by erosion and exudation.

Vaginal irrigation or vaginal implantation using drugs can also cause vulvar itching if allergic reactions and contact dermatitis occur.

All of the above reasons may cause itching around the pubic hair. Therefore, when itching occurs, it is recommended that the patient go to the hospital for treatment, and do not have excessive psychological pressure. This is actually normal.Situation.

And in order to avoid itching around the pubic hair, we must always take care of the private parts, pay attention to cleaning frequently, and keep clean and dry.