[Do you know that gelatin cake is a hair product?

】 _Benefits_Nutrition Value

[Do you know that gelatin cake is a hair product?
】 _Benefits_Nutrition Value

Ejiao cake is a common supplement that is very suitable for women to eat. Ejiao cake has the effect of beauty and beauty, and if it is postpartum, women should eat more Ejiao cake.

At present, the Ejiao cakes on the market are made by mixing nuts, black sesame and other foods.

There are many dates in the gelatin cake. Whether it is a supplement or a snack, it is a better food. Do you know more about the gelatin cake?


The first thing to be clear is what some people can and who can’t.

Time, menstruation, pregnancy, cold patients and children under 2 years of age should not be taken.

People with diabetes can consume sugar-free forms.


When is Ejiao cake good?

It is usually taken before breakfast and dinner, the effect is the best, because the body’s metabolism is relatively strong during that time, at that time tonic, easy to be absorbed by the body, thereby nourishing blood and beauty.

Be careful not to drink too much at one time, just one or two tablets.


While taking gelatin cake, you must not drink alcohol, or eat spicy fried foods, as well as hair products such as leeks, shallots, garlic, etc. The diet should be light, because the red dates and walnuts in gelatin cake are hot and hot.If you eat hot stuff, it can’t be used for vertical tonic, and it becomes angry.


People who are easy to get angry, it is best not to eat hot body, because people with hot body can not eat tonics. If you take a little tonic, you will get angry and your body will not be able to withstand nourishment.

Gelatin cake is for qi and blood, suitable for people with anemia, fatigue, fatigue, yellowing, debilitating and fatigue.

How can Ejiao cake be eaten?

I believe that everyone has understood the above introduction.

Gelatin cake is a tonic, but not everyone can tonic. This depends on everyone’s physical fitness. In addition, don’t eat too much at one time.

If you gradually feel the effect after eating, you must continue to eat to achieve long-lasting effects.