[What is the best Tieguanyin tea]_ species _ initially good

[What is the best Tieguanyin tea]_ species _ initially good

Tieguanyin is a type of oolong tea, and it is also a very good tea.

The tea made from authentic Tieguanyin is very beautiful in appearance and tastes slightly sweet.

However, Tieguanyin tea is also graded. Although it belongs to Tieguanyin, the quality of Tieguanyin is completely different.

So, what is the best Tieguanyin tea?

1. What is the best Tieguanyin tea? 1. Guanxing: The superior “Tieguanyin” tea sticks are aligned, strong, heavy, and have the shape of a green-stemmed green-bellied dragonfly head. The color is fresh, the sand is green, the red spot is bright, and the leaf surfaceSlightly frosty.

2. Listen: The fine tea leaves are tighter than ordinary tea leaves, and the leaves are heavy. Take a small amount of tea and put it in the teapot. You can hear the sound of “Dangdang”. The sound is crisp and the dumb is the second.

3, color inspection: soup color is golden, strong and clear.

After tea is brewed, the bottom of the leaf is thick and bright. One of the characteristics of “Tieguanyin” tea is the outer curvature of the back of the leaf, which has a gloss of silk surface. This is the top, and the soup is dark red.

4. Smell the fragrance: The fine “Tieguanyin” tea soup is full of fragrance, open the end cup lightly, with a unique aroma that is fragrant and tangy, and lasting, making you feel refreshed.

5, taste rhyme: the ancients have “not tasted the nectar, first smell the holy mysterious incense”.

Take a sip, and turn the tongue slightly, you can feel the tea is mellow and sweet; slowly swallow, the sweetness is dense and the flavor is endless.

And what should be explained about the unique “Avalokitesvara”?

So far the tea people haven’t been able to say clearly, so they have to wait and see for later. This is exactly the charm of Anxi’s “Tieguanyin”.

Second, how to brew Tieguanyin tea: First, pour Tieguanyin into a bowl or purple tea pot. The bowl or purple tea pot must be ironed first, otherwise it will smell tea.

The second step: boiling water, pour the water into a bowl or purple sand pot, skim the foam with filling, and cover the lid. The first bubble is for washing tea. Water can be poured into a tea pet or a cup.

The brewed tea will be astringent.

Scent of tea, a touch of orchid.

Step 3: Inject water into the bowl or pot. According to the taste of the person, choose the time for the water. I usually dispense the water in 3 seconds.

After several bubbles of water can be slowly extended, note: the water must be controlled to dry.

Three bubbles and four bubbles are the essence. Generally good Tieguanyin can soak about seven bubbles, and eight horses can soak eight.