[This marriage lasts the longest]

[This marriage lasts the longest]

In a survey of 1,500 couples in the United States, 55% of couples married directly after falling in love at the first sight.

What is even more surprising is that the divorce rate among them is only 20% for men, but less than 10% for women.

First, the overall temperament of the other party.

There is an old saying, “People can’t look, and seawater can’t be measured.” However, most people’s clothes and hats can fully reflect the nature of a person’s work, and even reflect a person’s life posture, or even personalize it.

So there was a love ‘just because I looked at you in the crowd and never forgot about your appearance’.

This kind of love is beautiful, of course, it also carries the “utilitarian heart” of the essence of love.

Because someone who can fall in love at first sight must have seen ‘the door is right’ on the other side.

In fact, many people have also been asked: what is your mate selection criteria?

Many people gave me the answer: look at the fate.

The seemingly casual spousal selection standard hides a high standard of “preferring lack.”

Because most people are waiting for love while they are waiting, love at first sight often shows the true side of the person, unlike a blind date, they are dressed up for appointments, and they are a bit fake.