[Can maternal eat lotus root pork rib soup]_Lotus root pork rib soup_Efficacy

[Can maternal eat lotus root pork rib soup]_Lotus root pork rib soup_Efficacy

For pregnant women, it is a time to pay attention to pregnancy, and one month after giving birth is also a time to pay attention to.

In this period, in order to make the mother’s body better, the mother’s family should actively make some nutritious food for the mother.

And maternal drinking soup is a good tonic method. Can a pregnant woman eat lotus root rib soup?

First, can a mother eat lotus root ribs soup? Maternal confinement can eat lotus root ribs soup.

Lotus root can clear the accumulated blood in the abdomen to increase appetite, assist digestion, transform milk secretion, lotus root relieves nervous tension, and lotus root rib soup can treat postpartum anemia.

Second, the ingredients of lotus root rib soup: 200 grams of lotus root, 150 grams of ribs, 30 grams of red dates, 10 grams of ginger, 8 grams of salt, 1 grams of sugar.

Production: Peel lotus root and cut into pieces; chop ribs into pieces; wash red dates; slice ginger.

Boil water in the pot. After the water has boiled, lower the ribs and boil the blood with medium heat.

Take 1 stew pot, add lotus root, pork ribs, red dates, ginger, mix with salt and sugar.

Operation points: lotus root should buy more starchy food;

Third, the benefits of confinement to eat lotus root 1, increase appetite, protect the initial: supplementary fiber and mucus protein in lotus root can increase convenience, promote inhalation digestion and absorption, and can protect cardiovascular health.

2. Blood tonic and blood stasis: The new mother loses too much blood and water after giving birth. Lotus root has the functions of blood tonic, astringent blood and blood stasis, which is helpful to clear the congested blood accumulated in the abdomen of mothers and help milk secretion.

3, lotus root is also good for babies: it can enhance immunity and promote baby’s visual development, which are mainly due to the rich carotene and vitamin A in lotus root.

Fourth, precautions for eating lotus root in confinement 1. Lotus root is one of the cooler foods, so mothers can eat it 1-2 weeks after delivery to protect the gastrointestinal tract.

2, lotus root can not be eaten with soybeans, pork liver and white radish. This will not only affect the absorption of iron, copper, zinc and other elements, it will increase the burden on the stomach.

3. The skin of high-quality fresh lotus root is normally yellow-brown, the flesh is thick and tender, and the surface shape is short and thick.

4. Although lotus root is very rich in nutrition, it is not easy to digest because of its high starch content, so it is better to eat it in moderation.